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Our laboratory tests


These tests are carried out in a CCKL accredited laboratory and are extremely reliable.


You get your test results within 2 working days, so you quickly know what you have to deal with.


There is a wide range of test possibilities.


Our prices are very competetive.

Basic test package

In the basic test package we test you for the two most commonly occuring STD’s (Chlamydia en Gonorrhoea) on one location on the body (vagina, penis, mouth or anus).

If you have also had oral and/or anal sex then you may be infected on multiple locations. In this case we reocommend you should also be tested on those locations.

Basic test one location € 100.
Extra test location €35.

Price includes the consult.

Extended test package

The extended test is the most cost effective way to test on the ‘Big Five’, the 5 most commonly occuring STD’s (chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphillis, hepatitis B and HIV). In the same way as with the basic test, it may be recommended to test for chlamydia en gonorrhoea on more than one location on the body.

Extended test €150.
Extra location €35.

Price is including consult.

Other test possibilities

If you want to be tested for one specific STD or if you want an extra test as an extension on top of a package, that is possible as well of course.

Syphilis, hepatitis B and HIV € 100

Syphilis: €40

HIV: €40

Hepatitis B: €40

Hepatitis C: €40 (in combination with package: €10)

Herpes blood test: €40

Trichomonas: €75

Mycoplasma genitalium: €100

Mycoplasma +Trichomonas: €135

Herpes blister liquid: €90

Price includes the consult.

Our rapid tests


Rapid tests can be done with us for HIV, syphillis and hepatitis B.


The biggest advantage of the STD rapid tests is that you know the result within an hour.


The HIV rapid test can be done much earlier than the traditional HIV test, only 14 days after the unprotected contact. A small blood sample is taken via a finger prick. Note that if the HIV rapid test result is positive, a conventional laboratory test should be carried out as well.


Our rapid tests have been extensively validated and are extremely reliable.

HIV rapid test: €100

HIV, syphillis and hepatitis B rapid test: €150

Price includes the consult.


Our treatments


If you do have an STD you will of course want to be treated quickly. We can provide treatment straight away.


If you have a positive test result, we can treat you anonymously.


We can also treat you anonymously for genital warts (condylomata accuminata).


For the treatment of hepatitis of HIV we will provide a refferal.


Chlamydia: €50 (tablets)

Gonorrhoea: €80 (single injection in the buttock muscle)

Genital warts: €100 (contact liquid)

Price includes the consult.

Sexuology consult


People feel that enjoying sex should be natural and easy, but often that’s not the case. Problems can occur at different levels which can result in tension in a relationship. As a sexuologist I help you to understand the nature of these problems. This way we can work together to find the best solutions for these problems.


As a doctor and sexuologist I am bound by my professional obligations. Everything we may discuss during the consult will of course be treated as confidential.

Sexuology consult (45 min): €75
(An appointment can only be made by phone)

Call for an appointment 085 1306218

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