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Worried about an STD?

Anxiety about an STD can become a bigger problem in your mind than it really is. Get rid of the uncertainty!

At SoaZorg you can have a completely anonymous STD test and get the results within 2 working days. Do you want it faster? For HIV, syphillis end hepatitis B we can do a rapid STD test which gives you your results within an hour.

We work together with a certified laboratory, whereby the results are extremely reliable! This takes away the uncertainty in your mind.

You can book your own appointment on-line or by telephone.


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Quickly get peace of mind?
The rapid STD test gives you certainty in an hour.

Simple & discreet

The test itself is very simple and discreet. In most cases you do not need to remove any clothing. But if you do have a mark or a blister that you are worried about, this can of course be examined by the doctor during the consultation.

You can also receive anonymous STD treatment direcly from SoaZorg in Amersfoort.

Extremely reliable

Completely anonymous

Result within 1 to 2 working days

Consult with doctor – sexuologist

Make an appointment straight away